June 11, 2016

SellMeTwice For Digital Agencies (PPC, SEO, Conversion & GA Experts)

If you work with clients who are focused on digital marketing, we can be a asset for you. SellMeTwice software allows you to change what users experience when they return to a website. This allows you engage users to increase interest, to increase sales, and to increase relevancy by showing the right products and information to the right visitors. One of our goals is to give business access to tools that have traditionally only been available to the largest companies.

Typically 15% – 60% Of Traffic Is Returning Users. These Visitors Are Often Among Your Most Interested & Engaged. This Is Why Remarketing Works So Well and Has Such A Good ROI. Consider What Modifying A Returning Visitor’s Experience Can Do. 

Become An Agency Partner With SellMeTwice

This means you can highlight more products and services, offer coupons, engage users with new material, and suggest related products to visitors who have taken an action on a website. With our software, you can have an engaging website that is tailored to returning visitors. Consider what this could mean for your website or for any of your clients.

Shot of a smiling woman and man standing inside a coffee shop looking at something on their touchscreen

You can modify a visitor’s website experience based on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of times a user has returned to a website.
  • Whether or not a visitor has taken a specific action on your website. This can be visiting a page, or making a specific purchase.
  • Set start and stop date ranges for changes to a website for holidays or sales.
  • You can choose between changing what a page shows a user on your website, or to have a pop up with information.
  • We offer customized reporting, specifically designed to support the unique information relevant to changing websites.
  • Soon, you will be able to modify the experiences based on local weather and the location of a visitor!

How does it work? Simple. Apply a snippet of code. Design the changed page you would like to show and set up the rules for what triggers the change. When a visitor meets your set rules, the alternate page is shown, with no change to the URL for the visitor, creating a seamless experience for the visitor.

At SellMeTwice, we see digital agencies as partners and we offer inclusive commission-based pricing for teams representing their own clients. Contact us to learn about the plans we offer to those working with multiple clients or websites of their own.