June 11, 2016

SellMeTwice For Web Developers

A Bit Of Humor

SellMeTwice offers developers an opportunity to give your clients more interaction and a more in-depth experience. Our easy to use remarketing tool allows you to show users a different design at the same URL based on criteria any user can select. All you have to do is to create alternate designs exactly like you would any new page on your site. Just include the page you want to redirect to and from for each redirect you would like to create, the URL in the browser doesn’t change, just the experience. Management of the tool can be in the hands of the site owner or your team. Our user instructions provide step by step details to implement and manage our software.

One feature we offer that is often important to our developer clientele is our ability to schedule site changes in advance. The same feature that allows us to change a site based on visits can also be used to schedule modifications. If you have changes that you are making for clients based on sales or seasonal site changes, we can make this a completely stress free experience. Design the changes you want set them and you are all set. No more worrying about pushing changes live on a specific night.

Typically 15% – 60% Of Traffic Is Returning Users. These Visitors Are Often Among Your Most Interested & Engaged. This Is Why Remarketing Works So Well and Has Such A Good ROI. Consider What Modifying A Returning Visitor’s Experience Can Do. 

Using SellMeTwice, you set redirects based on any combination you choose of the following factors:

  1. The number of visits that start and stop a design change.
  2. How long between visits count as a return. (For example is a user hits refresh.)
  3. You can create actions that can be included in the change logic. This can include pages visited, purchases, and
  4. You can chose between showing a different page design or having a pop up.
  5. When one change stops, another can start, allowing you to make the first second and third visits to your site all unique.

SellMeTwice is a remarketing tool that allows you to change your site over time for a visitor, adding a whole new dimension to your design and your client’s ability to interact with their customers.

As a designer, we know you will come up with your own imaginative uses for our software.

Below are the benefits that many of our clients have found using SellMeTwice.

  • You can highlight minor points during a later visit, it can help a client to keep their message focused on the primary selling points for the first round of visits by a user.
  • When a visitor returns, you can change the products that you present, raising awareness of other offerings.
  • You can offer new discounts and special deals to repeat visitors.
  • You can change what your site visitors see based on their past purchase and pages visited.
  • Changing a site for returning visitors can also be an engaging way to make your site more interesting, leading to unique ways to create engagement and buzz for your client.
  • We offer customized reporting, specifically designed to support the unique information relevant to changing websites.

How does it work? Simple. Apply a snippet of code. Design the changed page you would like to show and set up the rules for what triggers the change. When a visitor meets your set rules, the alternate page is shown, with no change to the URL for the visitor, creating a seamless experience for the visitor.

While our typical packages focus on singe site clients, we do offer pricing designed for the large number of different sites that web developers often encounter in their work. Click here to see more about how SellMeTwice can help you.