June 11, 2016

On Site Remarketing For Website Owners

If you own a website you have return visitors, probably many of them, or even a majority. People come back to a website for many reasons. It can be to learn more about your product, to see what else your company offers, or it can be to repurchase an item.

When a person returns to your website, you are probably showing them the exact same things that were there the last time they went to your site. But with SellMeTwice, you can now customize the experience.

Typically 15% – 60% Of Traffic Is Returning Users. These Visitors Are Often Among Your Most Interested & Engaged. This Is Why Remarketing Works So Well and Has Such A Good ROI. Consider What Modifying A Returning Visitor’s Experience Can Do. 

Why Would You Want To Customize A Returning User’s Experience?Business Owner Using SellMeTwice On Website

  1. Show Visitors Something New – Many companies lead with their best selling or newest items. When a visitor comes back, you are showing them the same products and services again. Big companies with large amounts of traffic and data know that rotating what you show can be much more effective at raising awareness of your products and the different benefits you can offer to a customer.
  2. You Don’t Have To Clutter Your Message – Our tool lets you lead with your best selling points, keeping your sale focused. When a visitor returns, you can take the opportunity to highlight secondary benefits that they might have overlooked during their first visit.
  3. Stop showing visitors what they already bought. With our action tracking, you can change the experience to match with visitor actions and behavior.
  4. Make A New Offer – Sometimes, a customer is returning because they are on the fence about making a purchase. A discount or unique offer can help make the decision easier for a customer.
  5. Thank A Customer For Loyalty – Whether it is because a customer has visited your site multiple times or for a purchase they have made, you can customize the experience or offers based on their behavior.
  6. Be Unique & Entertaining – Why leave your site the same each time? A unique experience can make your site more enjoyable and can even give visitors something unique to talk about.


The Ability To Schedule Changes – Not only can you change the experience based on behavior and return visits, you can time them. Design and schedule sales and seasonal or holiday changes to your website well in advance. No more late nights pushing design changes live or confirming the your web company that your changes are up. Just make the designs, and use SellMeTwice to schedule them to start or stop when you would like.

With SellMeTwice, you can change the user experience in a number of ways.

Here is short list of the top ways you can customize the visitor experience:

  1. The Number of Visits To Your Site
  2. The Time Between Visits
  3. Change What Is Seen Based on Pages Visited and Actions Taken Such As Purchases or Signups
  4. Schedule, Have Changes Automatically Start And Stop On Specific Days
  5. Show A Different Design or Have Pop-Ups Appear With A Design
  6. You can even have one change start and stop, the have another begin, offering a truly ongoing experience.

How does it work? Simple. Apply a snippet of code. Design the changed page you would like to show and set up the rules for what triggers the change. When a visitor meets your set rules, the alternate page is shown, with no change to the URL for the visitor, creating a seamless experience for the visitor.

You or your own web developer can easily use our tool or we can help. We offer limited development support to help with the alternate designs as well. See our pricing page for details and start to get more from and offer more to your return visitors today. Click here for more information on how SellMeTwice can help you increase user engagement.